1000’s of South African Websites Hacked

This last few weeks has been a particularly unpleasant time for many South African website security managers and owners after thousands of websites were hacked, destroyed, defaced and shut down by international hacking groups.

According to the Hackingstats, an organisation keeping track of hacked South African websites, over 2000 South African websites have been hacked in the past six weeks.  This figure includes a number South African Government and parastatal websites.

2016 has been a particularly active year for hackers attacking South African websites.  Hackingstats estimates that 1123 South African websites have been hacked over the last three weeks.

Most of these security breaches took place over the last three days.  The website reports that 307 websites were hacked on Friday, 596 on Saturday and over 100 websites on Sunday.

The lookup of a few of the compromised websites show that they are hosted by service providers – both local and international.

To find out if your website has been hacked or is vulnerable, give the Bolt team a call or send us a message.

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