3 Tips to Look for When Finding the Best Web Hosting Service

So you’re looking for a Web hosting service? Here are the top three tips when looking for the best host for your website:

1. Price

This is the aspect most of us will look at first when choosing a hosting provider; however, it shouldn’t be your predominant decision factor. When you see price differences it’s helpful to remember the old maxim that we get what we pay for. Getting the cheapest offer you see isn’t always the best idea, especially if you rely on your site to make money. Things like non-outsourced support, quality hardware and software and strong security costs money, a hosting company that charges R50 per month likely won’t offer these features. Take a closer look at what exactly each host provides, and THEN compare prices.

2. What kind of site are you planning on hosting?

Take an honest look at your site and analyse what you want it to do. If you’re hoping to host a blog, an e-commerce site, rich content, and videos, then you shouldn’t go with the cheapest hosting package you can find. A cheap hosting plan probably won’t have the RAM, processing power, and disk space to serve all these needs, and you’ll spend more time dealing with downtime or load issues than you would like.

Look to see what you are getting with the cheap host and what features are included in the cost. Do they charge for additional domains, support, backups, etc?

3. What Support do They Offer if Your Site is Hacked?

Importantly, if your sites security is compromised, what kind of guarantees do they offer? Most cheap hosting options, due to their shared hosting structure cannot support hacked websites and inevitably their response to a compromised website is to take it offline, putting the onus on you, the owner to fix it before they will put it back up. At this point if you don’t have a clean backup stored then you are in a very difficult position. Without support even, with a clean backup you could easily be hacked again very easily.



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