BOLT Cybersecurity Website Security in South Africa

Bolt Cybersecurity was created through a need for peace of mind. After numerous requests and conversations with prominent digital and web development agencies across South Africa the Bolt concept was developed. Bringing cybersecurity, web development and WordPress experts from across the continent together to create a one- stop website security platform which, most importantly is cost effective and therefore is perfect for small to medium business owners.

Bolt’s team combined with impressive imported software from around the globe makes it the most effective defense a website owner could have against hackers and malware.

Thousands of website owners around South Africa are at risk with hundreds enduring downtime due to security breaches. The BOLT team has therefore put together a search and rescue protocal which allows them to recover and repair infected sites before hosting them safely on BOLT’s servers.

If you are worried about the risk of having your website hacked or if your website has been hacked then your first step should be to contact the BOLT team for a free assessment. You will be given reliable advice with no obligation.


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