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Website security is imperative for any website no matter how small or large.

Your website’s resources are valuable to hackers/crackers who can use it to:

  • Phish your users private information (passwords, bank details and more).
  • Use your email servers to send spam or phishing emails.
  • Use your customers computers hard drive to carry out attacks on networks.
  • Take over the content of your website to redirect your traffic.
  • Download malware onto your users computers.
  • and much MUCH more…

Website security should always be a priority, when you protect your website you protect yourself and all of your users/customers at the same time. Bolt ensures your website’s security using a web access firewall, scanning and detection processes, our reaction team and secure backups of your site.

Web-Access-Firewall  Firewall

A Web Access Firewall (WAF) is any websites first line of defense and Bolt’s custom “Deadbolt” firewall is one of the best. Deadbolt’s structures and definitions are constantly monitored improved and kept up to date with the latest changes in the cybersecurity landscape.

 Scanning & Detection

A quick reaction is vital if a successful attack occurs. Once a site is compromised search engines will put it onto watch and blacklists within hours, hundreds of thousands of emails could have been sent from its servers and it’s users/customers information could have been compromised. Bolt’s scanning and detection software programmes will alert our response team within seconds ensuring the quickest possible reaction.

Professional-Response-TeamReaction Unit

Once an infection has been detected the site must be cleaned and any security weaknesses must be plugged in the shortest amount of time possible. Bolts expert team of highly experienced white-hat hackers is on standby 24/7, 365 days a year to respond to any breaches in your sites security.

Secure-Website-Backups Secured Backups

If a website’s security has been breached by hackers or malware they can take control of the entire site potentially compromising all of it’s content. In the event that your site is destroyed beyond repair the Bolt team will take it offline, run diagnostics and restore your site from a backup on a separate server.

Get protected now. Visit our pricing page, choose the category of website you have and send us a mail, we’ll take care of the rest.