Why Do Websites Get Infected With Malware?

One of the first questions we get asked when talking to small to medium business owners about website security is “Why would anyone want to hack my website?”. The truth is most hackers aren’t aware of which website they’re targeting. A large proportion of website hacks, especially popular platform hacks such as WordPress and Joomla are automated. Hackers or Hacking groups write specific scripts to find and exploit holes in your websites security. Once in, this malware infects your website and performs a specific action. It might be:

  • Malware that redirects your website’s traffic to one of their client’s website (who are paying them per visitor). Think of the number of visitors they can pull to one site if they infect hundreds of thousands of sites?
  • The malware may download small packets of code onto your users computers- infecting them with keystroke trackers- the unknowing user then visits their online banking/ cellphone account or other sensitive sites and the keystroke tracker tracks their username and passwords. Thousands of people are falling victim to this daily.

These are just two of the multitude of reasons why hackers may use malware to infect your site. Unfortunately without a quick response this can lead to your site being blocked by search engines and alot of indirect brand damage to your brand.


The best way to avoid this is to ensure you keep tabs on your website’s security and, if you aren’t on a secured hosting service then make sure you have a good web developer’s contact details on hand for a quick reaction.

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